The AWANA Grand Prix

Abigail and Sarah are greatly enjoying their first year of AWANA so far. They love going each week to learn Bible lessons, memorize Scripture, and play with friends.

One of AWANA’s big events is the AWANA Grand Prix. Starting in mid-October the girls were able to create their own pinewood car alongside Jonathan. This was a great opportunity for some daddy-daughter bonding time.

Jonathan created templates for the girls so they could draft the shape they wanted for the profile of their cars. He used this to cut out the car’s shape from the wood. Then Abigail and Sarah were able to file and sand their cars to get them nice and smooth. With help from Dad they then painted their cars, added wheels and weights, and added decals.







The night of the Grand Prix was a little overwhelming for the girls, who weren’t quite sure what to expect. But after the first few races they quickly caught on and followed along. Abigail’s car was clearly competitive, so much so that she ended up winning first place for speed in her group! Way to go Abigail!