Lily is Two!

Our baby Lily is two today. It is still pretty easy to baby her considering she is the youngest and is still on the teeny side. But boy does she do plenty to break that “baby” mold.

Lily has no fear. She loves to run around the apartment and climb pretty much anything. She helps to remind me to move the ladder off of the girls’ bunk bed by climbing up the ladder and yelling for me from the top bunk. I even find her jumping on the top bunk sometimes. It’s a wonder I have any hair left on my head! Another new skill she has developed is climbing onto the top bunk without the ladder! I couldn’t believe it when Jonathan told me. She uses the rungs on the bottom end of the beds to climb her way to the top. She keeps me on my toes much more than the older girls ever did.

Lily is speaking up for herself a lot more now. She is steadily adding to her vocabulary. Right now though her favorite word seems to be “no” and has recently added “mine”. These two words are not my favorites.



We celebrated Lily’s birthday last weekend. I found directions on Pinterest showing how you could make a butterfly cake using a round cake pan. I wasn’t happy with what I came up with, but when I showed it to the birthday girl she was able to identify it as a “fly” (her word for butterfly) so I consider that a success!








Happy birthday to our sweet little Lily!