A Few Firsts

And these aren’t for Levi. I didn’t really think about all the “firsts” Abigail would experience this year-probably because of all the firsts Levi has had.

One first for Abigail was losing her first tooth. Her bottom tooth was quite wiggly a few weeks back. While watching America’s Funniest Videos Abigail saw a clip of a girl having her tooth yanked out with a piece of string. I convinced her to give it a try. I managed to tie a piece of dental floss around her tooth and proceeded to watch her s-l-o-w-l-y pull at her tooth. How could she be ok with this slow method? I suggested she let me yank it out. She agreed and a few squeals and 1-2-3 yank later it was out!




Three weeks later she went ahead and pulled her second bottom tooth out on her own while I wasn’t looking. On Sunday night her third came out with the help of a chewy lifesaver. We’re waiting for her fourth to probably come out within the week. And we can already see two of her grown-up teeth coming in!




Abigail’s second “first” was learning to ride her bike without training wheels. This was one of our summer bucket list items, but we didn’t get to it until September. Jonathan spent a little time with her one Sunday afternoon. She made progress but was hampered a bit as she was very discouraged each time she fell or lost balance.

A few days later though her determination got the best of her and she pressed on-on her own. First she tired out our neighbor’s smaller bike and then made several attempts on her own bike. Then BOOM! That was it. She can ride her bike all on her own without training wheels. What a girl!




And here are a few more pictures of the others having fun outside.