Christmas Concert

A friend of ours from church let us know of a great learning opportunity for Abigail. She told me about it a good year ahead of time and I’m so glad we didn’t forget about it because it was so great!

Every Saturday for 10 weeks or so in the fall/winter Abigail joined a few other children her age to learn Christmas carols. The end result was a beautiful performance along with an older youth choir and adult choir. Abigail LOVED going to music practice. I went with Levi every Saturday and enjoyed it too. It was fun getting to see husband and wife team Eric and Robin work together to create a really special performance.

Here is a video of Abigail singing with her Kid’s choir and then also with the Youth choir.

This performance was part of Not Your Typical Silent Night and happens every year. Check out for more info! We can’t wait for next year!