An Ask Answered

Back in January 2012 our Church started a series called The Ask. Everyone was encouraged to ask God to do big things that only He could do. Among other things we asked God to provide us with a house. This was definitely not something we could accomplish on our own, but we knew it was something God totally could make happen.

So, we started praying and we started looking. Then we found a realtor. Then we made an offer that wasn’t accepted. Then we took a break. Then we looked again. We made another offer. The offer was countered! Then we weren’t pre-approved. It turns out our once good credit score no longer existed because we had no recent debt and therefore no credit score. So we took another break. We saved. And waited. And finally started looking again along with professionals who helped us find a way to get financing with alternate credit.

We kept looking and looking. Then we widened our search to towns a wee bit further away. That’s when we spotted a modest ranch on a cul-de-sac in Lowell. We thought, “Hey, why not give it a look, they have an open house this Sunday.” Then we saw it again with our Realtor and made an offer. Just a few hours later we found out the offer was accepted!

I’ll spare you more details. But the biggest praise and relief was finding out our loan application was approved. I could now pack with confidence!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 6.12.01 PM

We learned a lot during this seemingly long journey. Eight months into it I wrote a blog of what I was learning at the time. I have a few more things to add.

God is faithful, even when we’re not
At the beginning of 2012 we were pumped up! God was going to give us a house, we just knew it. We prayed with big faith and excitement. We made praying for our Ask a part of nighttime prayers with the girls. Then time passed, doors were closed. We still prayed, but not with the same frequency or enthusiasm. Yet God still provided. And He helped us to continue to trust that He would provide-it was simply a matter of timing.

God takes care of His children
How did we know God would provide? Well, because He has a history of providing for us. Despite Jonathan losing his job to downsizing back in 2007 when I was pregnant with Abigail we were able to pay our bills AND still pay off the remainder of Jonathan’s school loan debt. He was out of work until Abigail was six months old. Looking back I can see there was a good reason we had to wait a while for Jonathan to get a job-I needed him around! Motherhood was so much harder than I ever thought it could be.

When I think about it it just does not make sense that we’ve been able to have me stay home with 3 kids (now 4), pay the bills, AND save at the same time. Now, it hasn’t always been a walk in the park. We have had some hard times. Times where I’ve gone to log on to our bank account wincing in fear of what the balance would show. But God has always provided. And I know He will continue to do so.

Being a part of a supportive community is so important
Our friends from church new about our Ask. They often asked how things were progressing. When things seemed slow or discouraging they would come back with great encouraging words. Many people have come alongside us in prayer, trusting God to provide in this big way. And I can not say enough about my family. They have been supportive and a great help every step of the way!

Needless to say, we are feeling abundantly blessed lately. We’re all moved in and are now in the process of settling in-which may take a while! We’ll give you a little virtual tour once most things are in their place.

It’s A…

We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning. The Technician asked me if I wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I told her I did, as long as she was able to figure it out. Well, she was able to figure it out and said it was pretty obvious.

I told only Jonathan when I got home and then I got to work on some cake balls. This may be the last time I ever make these things because they are a pain! But my family’s reaction was worth it:






We are having a BOY! I was actually pretty surprised when I found out because I had convinced myself we were having another girl.

On the way home from our little “reveal” at my parents’ I talked to Sarah about what had happened. “You know what it meant when we saw blue in the cake balls right?” She responded, “It means we are having a boy. But I don’t want a boy anymore, I changed my mind.” I love her! I’m sure all of our little guy’s big sisters will welcome him with open arms and lots of cuddles.

My in-laws of course couldn’t be here for the cake balls, so we thought we’d let the girls show them what we are having in a different way. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of Papa until after bedtime, but we snagged a quick picture so he can see what they did.


So now the real work begins, thinking up a name. And maybe giving away our baby girl clothes to make room for baby boy clothes.

Finding Out About Number Four

Feeling “Off”
In early May I was feeling a bit “off”. My appetite wasn’t all there and I was getting a bit tired and cranky. Jonathan kept offering to pick up a pregnancy test, but I just didn’t want to know, even though I had a feeling. I guess you could say I was in denial.

Mother’s Day
The night before Mother’s Day, after the girls were in bed, Jonathan ran a few errands. He came home with a pregnancy test. Thanks Jonathan! I was just not in the mood. Anyway, I ended up falling asleep on the couch and woke up a little after midnight. I figured “why not?” and took the test. It did not take long to show me what I really already knew to be true. I was pregnant and I found out on Mother’s Day of all days. I had a good cry and managed to fall back to sleep.

Why the crying? I didn’t cry when I found out about being pregnant with Abigail, my first. But with each subsequent pregnancy I did cry. I wasn’t unhappy to be pregnant-to be bringing another life into the world. It is more of a feeling of being overwhelmed. You think about your hardest days and wonder, “can I really do this with one more?” And then you think about the extra diapers, food, and square footage you could use to accommodate another life. It is just a lot to take in when you see two lines on a stick. I am happy to say that I am much better now, and am very excited about having another little Kapaldo!

Trip to Pennsylvania
About a week later we headed on our big road trip to Pennsylvania for my brother-in-law’s graduation. We didn’t want to say anything to anyone even though it would have been a great opportunity to share the news in person. We weren’t sure how far along we were since I hadn’t had my first appointment yet. But it was pretty remarkable how often the subject came up among “the boys”. I think it was Aaron who asked, “How old is Lily now?” After we told him 18 months he responded, “Isn’t it about time to have another one?”

It turns out that wasn’t the only time the guys gave Jonathan a hard time about adding another kid to the mix. Little did they know…

Spilling the Beans to Mom
The girls and I visit my Mom at least once a week on her days off. The day we visited after our trip wouldn’t you know that the subject came up again? My Mom asked me if we were really considering having a fourth. I asked her, “Do you think that’s crazy?” She replied with something like, “No, I was just wondering if you had a time table.” And then I just started crying and told her basically that it was already happening.

Abigail Tight-Lipped
I had my first appointment shortly after telling my Mom the news. I really didn’t know how far along I was, so I was looking forward to this appointment. The ultrasound showed that I was only about seven weeks along with a due date of January 5, 2014.


We thought it would be fine to let the girls know, even though it was so early in the pregnancy. They seemed pretty excited-especially Abigail. We told them they couldn’t say anything. Sarah didn’t seem to have any desire to talk about it with anyone. Abigail, however, was very excited to share the news. I am happy to report though that she didn’t say a peep about it until we made our news public. There would be plenty occasions though when we would be around people and Abigail would pull me aside and whisper, “Can I tell so-and-so about the baby in your belly?” I would tell her it wasn’t time yet and she was OK with that.

Comic Relief
A few of my Facebook friends either have four kids or have their fourth on the way. One of them posted a video of comedian Jim Gaffigan doing a bit on parenting. I can relate with him because (1) he has 3+ kids (he actually has five now) and (2) he lives in a 2-bedroom apartment. I needed to see this because I needed a good laugh. I happened to see it shortly after I found out I was pregnant. You should check it out.

Here’s one more of our little one at 12 weeks along:


Stay tuned to hear more about our goings-on with baby #4.


Fantastic Four Outtakes

I wanted to get creative when it came to announcing our new addition, partly to get more excited about it and to get my mind off of the overwhelming-ness of the whole thing. The ideas of the “Fabulous Four” (because we have all girls) and “Fantastic Four” came to mind. We went with Fantastic Four because we don’t know if #4 is a boy or a girl and, well, what kids don’t like dressing up like super heroes?

I saw easy instructions for making a super hero cape using an old t-shirt on Pinterest. I made one for each the girls and then personalized them with good old-fashion puff paint and fabric markers. I used a pattern from Family Fun for the masks, which I made with craft foam.

Our photo shoot was quite the challenge. Abigail and Sarah were good about staying put for pictures, but didn’t always look at the camera or hold the shield the right way. And Lily, oh Lily, she didn’t want to stay still and was not too fond of her mask. I thought it would be fun to share some of our photos that didn’t make the “final cut”.

IMG_8506 IMG_8507 IMG_8517 IMG_8532 IMG_8535 IMG_8542 IMG_8553


Welcome to The Speed of Life, our new blog. Here we hope to keep up to date on our family fun, new recipe experiments, and homeschool adventures. It’s been a while since we’ve blogged, so look forward to a number of catch-up posts. You will also notice a new look hopefully before we ring in the New Year.

Thanks for keeping up with us!