Homeschool Highlights – September

We are over a month into school. Rather than do a unit-by-unit post like last year I thought I’d do monthly highlight posts. Here is our first one for 2014-2015!

Language Arts
Abigail really started to “get” sounding out words at the end of Kindergarten. After just a month into our Sonlight curriculum she is on a roll. She has already progressed in a noticeable way. One great example is that about two weeks ago she read through an early readers Bible story that was Jonathan’s when he was in school. She read right through it with just a little help from me. She tried going through this same book in July and got really frustrated because she was having a harder time than she would have liked.

Sarah does work surrounding one letter a week and is also working on sight words. She is plugging along. I just need to be more intentional with her so she gets the help she needs from me.

They both dislike copy work. Enough said.
We are just doing the basics right now. I’m looking forward to more meaty math.

One fun thing Abigail did was draw a picture of the tree in our front yard for a page in her meeting book. She’ll do it again for winter and spring. She also had her picture taken in front of the tree with her siblings and friend Melina.
IMG_2212 IMG_3278


We are plugging along with history. Some of the lessons capture the girls attention more than others. A lot depends on when we do history and how tired they are.

We have a timeline we add to every three lessons. I think this is the girls’ favorite part of history. They also like looking at our maps to see where things happened.


Trying our hand at cuneiform (the Sumerian’s written language)




This may be my favorite subject just because I love re-learning about the planets and our solar system. Plus I’m learning it a bit differently this go around. We are learning along with our beliefs. The belief that God created the universe rather than a Big Bang. One thing I will say: we have our beliefs, but that does not mean we won’t teach other theories. We want our children to be able to have intelligent conversations with people, knowing well what others may believe to be true.

So far we’ve learned the basics of what astronomy is, we’ve talked about the sun, and we are currently studying Mercury.

We had fun with a magnifying glass and chocolate in order to demonstrate why we shouldn’t stare at the sun (the lenses in our eyes are like a magnifying glass, focusing the Suns light on our retina causing damage). We also made a pinhole box to safety look at the sun.




We joined a local homeschool co-op. Sarah is taking art and a Five in a Row class while Abigail is doing an ABC book and Engineering class. I help out with Sarah’s art class and then the nursery. Levi has joined us in art because he gets VERY upset when I am not around. We need to fix this!