A New Look

In an effort to save time and money we avoided cutting Abigail’s hair. This turned into us suggesting to her that she grow her hair so she could donate it for making a wig. We did go in for an occasional trim and then went for the big cut a few months ago.

Because I am a busy and forgetful mom I have yet to mail her hair, but when I do I am sending it to Pantene.

Here is Abigail before and after:


Taming the Mane

All three girls were born with very little hair. Even so, whatever hair there was would end up falling out a few weeks into their lives. It seemed to take FOREVER for their hair to grow. I longed to be able to put Abigail’s hair into cute pigtails. I was finally able to when she was about two years old. Her first haircut was a few months after she turned three. IMG_1148

Then came Sarah. We waited, and waited. A year ago we could do pigtails, and now we are here:


This is Sarah after a long night of sleep. Most of the time I just leave it alone. Other times we need to make public appearances and I tame her mane.


Right now putting it up seems to be the best way to manage her baby thin curly hair. It is pretty cute no matter what, though.