The girls enjoyed celebrating Easter in the midst of a pretty hectic time of our lives. We spent time coloring eggs, making a symbolic breakfast, and spending Easter Sunday with family.

Lily was more involved in egg decorating this year compared to last year. Though she kept wanting to taste the colorful water.








The night before Easter we put together resurrection rolls. I wanted to see if this was something we could do ahead of time because we are always rushing to get ready for church. It worked out really well! On Easter morning I took the pan of rolls out of the fridge while the oven was preheating.









Church was awesome. As part of our Easter celebration our church had baptisms. Abigail stayed with me so she could watch them instead of doing Sunday school.

After church we headed to Nonna and Papa’s house for an Easter egg hunt, family pictures, and a yummy feast. Unfortunately I don’t have great family pictures – just outtakes – because the girls just could not handle the sun.








IMG_0638 IMG_0661



We had such a beautiful day on Sunday. I think spring is finally here! It was a perfect day to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.

We started the day checking out our little basket. The girls got candy, sunglasses, a personalized Lego lady, and a few new Legos.


After the girls had a little fun, they had more fun helping me make breakfast. The girls helped me try out Resurrection Rolls for the first time. I thought it would be a good illustration and lesson for them. I didn’t get into the oils/spices/embalming stuff for the butter and cinnamon sugar. Instead I just told them that the marshmallow represented Jesus and the dough represented the tomb.

IMG_7448 IMG_7452 IMG_7453 When the girls were eating I asked the big question, “Where did the marshmallow go?” They noticed that it had disappeared, so I mentioned that the roll was like the empty tomb. Our oldest though, figured it out, she concluded that the marshmallow simply melted. Oh well, I think they still got the right idea.IMG_7460We headed to church for an awesome Easter Sunday service. The older two girls were with us instead of in the back like they would be for GENESIS Kids. I enjoyed having them both with us so they could be a part of it. Towards the end about thirty people shared their testimony with simple words written on cardboard. If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to check it out.

After church there was a massive Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. By massive I mean there were tons of kids and not quite a ton of eggs 😉 The girls still had fun running around in the gorgeous weather.

IMG_7469 IMG_7475 IMG_7470We headed to my parents’ where we had our own egg hunt, followed by bubble blowing and a yummy Easter feast. We also celebrated Abigail’s birthday, which fell on Good Friday this year, but that is a story for another post.

IMG_7510 IMG_7521 IMG_7500 IMG_7503 IMG_7541 IMG_7547 IMG_7555IMG_7574 IMG_7587

Pre-Easter Fun

The girls got together with their cousin, Auntie, and Nonna to make their Easter baskets for this year. This is the way Nonna made her basket when she was growing up. All you need is a milk/orange juice carton, construction paper, and other crafty items to decorate your basket.

IMG_7355IMG_7357IMG_7358The day before Easter we colored eggs. I asked Abigail how many she thought we should make and she suggested twelve. I figured, why not? We had been doing the letter “R” in homeschool the week before, which included lots of rainbow crafts, so we went with rainbow colors (minus indigo-so sorry, Indigo).

Abigail and Sarah were doing fine and all was well until Lily decided to see what all the fuss was about. At one point she would grab a white egg, pretend to nibble on it, and then set the egg back in the carton. Then she decided to get more adventurous and grab at the spoons in our glasses. Finally she caught on though. Without us seeing it coming Lily grabbed another egg from the carton and plopped it into one of the cups of colored water. I’m sad I wasn’t prepared to capture it on camera.


I’m glad my husband and I like hard-boiled eggs. I had a feeling the girls wouldn’t like them and I was right. Sarah took one “taste” and declared, “I don’t like these.” Abigail did eat the white of the egg and discarded the yolk, but I think she had to really work hard to swallow it all. Maybe next year?