One Year!

Levi is now officially a toddler-no longer my baby boy. He is a walking babbling big boy. He is FAST. I find myself running ahead of him if I need to get in the basement or bathroom so I can securely close the door behind me. He loves getting into things. I can see more and more of Lily in him each and every day. Uh oh!

We celebrated a few days early at Nonna and Papa’s house. I made him a banana smash cake in the shape of a monkey’s face. He wasn’t really into it. He was into his new ride-on toy from Nonna and Papa though!












We celebrated his actual birthday by trying our darnedest to get a decent onesie picture of him.


5 Days


One Month


Two Months


Three Months


Four Months


Five Months


Six Months


Seven Months


Eight Months


Nine Months


Ten Months


Eleven Months


Twelve Months


Happy birthday Levi! You will always be my baby though, not matter how big you get. Sorry buddy 🙂

Meeting Riley

My nephew Riley was born on October 20. I didn’t get the chance to visit him in the hospital, so I was very antsy waiting until he went home with my sister four days later.

He is such a tiny peanut! I always forget how little newborns are. He is so adorable. The girls and I loved meeting him and holding him. I’m looking forward to watching him and Levi grow up together!







On Safari

My favorite classic Disney movie is Dumbo. I loved elephants as a result (though wasn’t as fond of them when I found out how big they were in real life). So, when I was pregnant with Abigail my Mom and sister threw me a pink elephant/Noah’s ark themed baby shower. My Mom gave me a cute elephant safari outfit.


This was just one of those outfits each of my girls got to wear where I had to take a picture. And, because it isn’t pink, Levi could wear it too! So here they all are in the same outfit. So cute!










Hospital Visits

This may just be me, but right after having baby #’s 2-4 I was ready to go home. I did not look forward to my two day hospital stays. With my husband primarily at home taking care of the other kids my time at the hospital feels way too quiet and very lonely. This time around I was pretty desperate for visitors.

My parents were the first to visit. They asked me if I wanted them to bring anything. I told them I just wanted to see people! They came with coffee and chocolate, which I did not turn down.



Jonathan and the girls arrived 30 minutes or so into my parents’ visit. Abigail and Sarah were very excited to finally meet their baby brother. Lily wanted to leave pretty much when she came in the room. She looked at Levi a few times but was not interested in doing much more than that.








My great friend and her husband visited as well. She’s expecting a boy in May, so we’re hoping our boys will be best buddies. They stayed until visiting hours were over-giving me a chance to eat my dinner and have adult conversation.



Needless to say I was up and at ’em on my last morning at the hospital. And as messy, crazy, and loud as it may be I was happy to finally get back home.

Nesting Nearly Complete

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Papa came up from Virginia to visit and drop off a bed for Lily. Where would we put a whole twin bed living in a 2-bedroom apartment you may wonder? In the master bedroom. Two months ago we ended up switching rooms with the girls. It made more sense to have four human beings in the large bedroom and two in the smaller one. Our new room is a little tight, but really, we don’t spend too much time in there. The girls and their future baby brother have plenty of room to sleep and play.





I also managed to make our little guy a blanket in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. We also picked out our take-home outfit:


We have a good inventory of neutral and boy newborn to 3 months clothes and already purchased our first big box of size one diapers. I’ve also packed a bag to go with the girls when we head to the hospital. All I really have left to do is pack my hospital bag and wait. Thirty-eight weeks and 3 days down, 1 week and 4-ish days to go!

Third Trimester – Where Did the Time Go?

Sunday marked the start of the third trimester for me and the little guy. The time has just flown by because I have been distracted by the three kiddos not residing in my womb. Those moments in the day when I get a chance to sit and relax is when our baby will start moving and I realize that “this is really happening”.


The girls seem just as distracted as me when it comes to the fact that in a few short weeks we will be a family of six. My ever-growing belly barely gets any notice from them. They are probably just used to it by now. Baby brother does come up in conversation though, mainly to discuss what we might name him. Sarah has suggested “Josepher” while Abigail suggested and became attached to the name “Marco” for a little while.

So, what are we going to name him? There is a name at the top of our list (and our list happens to be a list with only one name on it) but we aren’t ready to make it public knowledge yet. I’m not sure why. As soon as we came up with names for our other babies we were eager to make them known.

My pregnancy is still pretty much the same as my others were. Though my issues with heartburn have been kicked up a notch. “They” say that heartburn means your baby has a good head of hair. I am not holding my breath.

We have slowly started preparations to welcome our baby into our home. A few months ago we switched rooms with the girls. Why would two adults need a master bedroom when four children are smooshed into a smaller second bedroom? Our master bedroom is the perfect size and can easily fit the bunk beds, crib, and another twin bed we expect to put in place in early November for Lily.

We are looking forward to early January to meet our little guy. Until then we have Lily’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to go through first (which is bound to make the time go by even faster!).

It’s A…

We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning. The Technician asked me if I wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I told her I did, as long as she was able to figure it out. Well, she was able to figure it out and said it was pretty obvious.

I told only Jonathan when I got home and then I got to work on some cake balls. This may be the last time I ever make these things because they are a pain! But my family’s reaction was worth it:






We are having a BOY! I was actually pretty surprised when I found out because I had convinced myself we were having another girl.

On the way home from our little “reveal” at my parents’ I talked to Sarah about what had happened. “You know what it meant when we saw blue in the cake balls right?” She responded, “It means we are having a boy. But I don’t want a boy anymore, I changed my mind.” I love her! I’m sure all of our little guy’s big sisters will welcome him with open arms and lots of cuddles.

My in-laws of course couldn’t be here for the cake balls, so we thought we’d let the girls show them what we are having in a different way. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of Papa until after bedtime, but we snagged a quick picture so he can see what they did.


So now the real work begins, thinking up a name. And maybe giving away our baby girl clothes to make room for baby boy clothes.