New Wheels

If rising jeans, shortening sleeves, and tight shoes are not enough indicators that your kids are growing you can also have them climb on their bike after a many months of winter weather. Even in the fall we had a feeling we’d have to get Abigail a bigger bike, but it got to the point where we wouldn’t even let Abigail try her bike out once spring started showing up. She was just too big.

This past weekend we decided to go ahead and get Abigail a new bike. It looks huge compared to her old one. But now that one is the perfect size for Sarah. We made Sarah’s “new” bike more exciting by buying her streamers to add to the handles.  IMG_7696 IMG_7697IMG_7673IMG_7680

Abigail is Five!

Our oldest turned five this past weekend. It is safe to say that five years ago our lives were changed in ways we would have never imagined. Who knew that raising a child (or three in our case) would be so challenging, draining, and rewarding all at the same time?!

We had a small celebration on Abigail’s actual birthday, which fell on Good Friday. We sang to her and let her open two presents that came in the mail. She got a doll wearing a beautiful handmade dress from her Great-Grandma and five books from her Papa.

IMG_7378 IMG_7390 IMG_7396 We celebrated with family on Sunday when we were all able to get together. The older girls have been into Legos lately (what they call “teeny tiny Legos”) so we went with that for the theme.

I made a Lego pinata out of a large fruit snack box. I had seen a similar pinata where instead of whacking at one with a bat (and risking injury to onlookers) each child would take a turn pulling at one ribbon. One lucky kid would end up pulling the one ribbon that opened the pinata. In our case it was the last ribbon, pulled by Bridget. I’m glad it was the last ribbon instead of the first one, that wouldn’t have been any fun at all.IMG_7527IMG_7534


I made a Lego cake, which wasn’t perfect, but Abigail loved it-so that’s all that mattered. The kids had birthday cake while the adults had an amazing banana pudding my Mom made. Then Abigail opened presents.IMG_7602






Happy Birthday, Abigail! We love you very much and are excited to be a part of who you will become as you make your way out of little girl-hood to becoming a young lady.