Homeschool Highlights – November

November was a rough month for our family. We battled numerous bouts with the cold and little Levi had his very first ear infection. Needless to say, we had to take a few days in November off. Add Thanksgiving and we really didn’t get a ton of school work in. BUT we pressed on regardless.

Language Arts

Abigail’s reading is starting to sound less robotic. She reads a bit smoother as she moves from one word to the next. She continues to develop her spelling and writing skills and loves to journal in her new Lego Friends composition book.

Sarah also continues to improve. She’ll fight me occasionally because she thinks she doesn’t know certain things (e.g. what sound does the letter “d” make?) but I manage to get answers out of her. We need to move more to phonetics and not just focus on sight words.


It is interesting to me how the Saxon curriculum seems to jump around from concept to concept. One day we’re measuring the length of the table with linking cubes, the next day we’re starting to count dimes and pennies, and then we learn just the beginnings of telling time. It doesn’t seem to bother Abigail though, as she catches on pretty quickly no matter what we cover. It all builds on itself, but it just skips around a bit.


I looked ahead and we won’t be finished with Quarter 1 of our history curriculum until mid-December. I’m hoping to pick up the pace once we wrap up this quarter as I think the girls can handle it. We finished with a lesson on Ramses II (or Ramses The Great) at the end of November.


We pretty much just covered the Earth during the month of November. I just love learning along with the girls, and being reminded of things I may have learned long, long ago. When talking about the earth the girls learned about seven characteristics that make the earth perfect for sustaining life. Earth is pretty unique in many ways. God designed an amazing home for us (and his universe is simply amazing too)!


We missed two weeks in November due to sickness and then of course Thanksgiving. Abigail continues to talk about her Engineering class-it was probably her favorite this semester.


We celebrated our first Thanksgiving in our new home. We had my parents, my sister and her two kids, and my brother and his wife over for a day of food and fun.





Because we were all together we decided to exchange a few gifts. We’ve had the same tradition since my brother was in Kindergarten: we pick names and give a homemade gift rather than a purchased one.


My sister Laura picked my sister-in-law Dawn’s name and made her these cute trays with chalkboard paint.


Jonathan picked my sister and made her a hand sewn photo book.

I picked my Dad’s name and made him this cute photo holder (thanks to Pinterest!)


My Mom made Jonathan fruitcake


My sister made shirts for my Mom with some of her favorite quotes on them.

Lily is Three!

About a month before Lily’s birthday she was easily able to tell everyone how old she was. Now she can easily tell you (and show you) that she is three.
We celebrated on her actual birthday with fudgy brownies and a few presents.
The Saturday following we celebrated with family and an Ariel cake.
Now, about this cake. Lily was very pleased with it while I thought it could be much better. I found the technique on Pinterest which basically involves coloring with frosting. I’d like to try it again with a less detailed picture and I would also think about the texture of the frosting I used to color in.
Lily, you are out little firecracker! You are funny, adventurous, strong-willed and independent. You are a force to be reckoned with 😉 Mommy and Daddy love you so much and continue to look forward to the beautiful young lady you will become.

The AWANA Grand Prix

Abigail and Sarah are greatly enjoying their first year of AWANA so far. They love going each week to learn Bible lessons, memorize Scripture, and play with friends.

One of AWANA’s big events is the AWANA Grand Prix. Starting in mid-October the girls were able to create their own pinewood car alongside Jonathan. This was a great opportunity for some daddy-daughter bonding time.

Jonathan created templates for the girls so they could draft the shape they wanted for the profile of their cars. He used this to cut out the car’s shape from the wood. Then Abigail and Sarah were able to file and sand their cars to get them nice and smooth. With help from Dad they then painted their cars, added wheels and weights, and added decals.







The night of the Grand Prix was a little overwhelming for the girls, who weren’t quite sure what to expect. But after the first few races they quickly caught on and followed along. Abigail’s car was clearly competitive, so much so that she ended up winning first place for speed in her group! Way to go Abigail!




Ten Months!

All of Levi’s monthly milestones are blurring together because it is taking me so long to post. Levi excels in most areas: eating, babbling, laughing, moving. The only areas he struggles in are sleeping and separation anxiety.

But let’s focus on the positive.

He loves to eat and is willing to try most of the table food we give him. But he is messy! I’m pretty sure that even if he kept a bib on he would still manage to make a huge mess of himself. He has started saying “mama” and often will say it when he’s coming for me (his momma, go figure!). He loves playing with the girls and is often occupied enough in the evening to let me make dinner with little interruption! And boy does Levi move. He is a crawling and cruising champ. Closer to walking than any of our girls were at this age.

Memory lane:


5 Days


1 Month


2 Months


3 Months


4 Months


5 Months


6 Months


7 Months


8 Months


9 Months


10 Months


Meeting Riley

My nephew Riley was born on October 20. I didn’t get the chance to visit him in the hospital, so I was very antsy waiting until he went home with my sister four days later.

He is such a tiny peanut! I always forget how little newborns are. He is so adorable. The girls and I loved meeting him and holding him. I’m looking forward to watching him and Levi grow up together!