Homeschool Highlights – October

We have successfully completed two months of school! We’ve got a nice routine going for is even though we don’t have a “fixed” schedule.

Language Arts
Abigail is doing really well here. She continues to improve her reading skills and is writing well too. She has even started writing things on her own time, spelling words she’s not sure of phonetically. One day she wrote an encouraging note to Sarah about how was pretty how God made her.

Sarah has a good 20+ sight words under her belt. She has her favorite activities and the ones she’d rather not do, but she plugs away regardless.

Math is starting to get more meaty. Abigail has started to learn her doubles and facts and we are  gearing up to doors with money and telling time.

We continue to plug along in history. We made it to The Shang Dynasty. The girls favorite part of history is adding to our timeline at the end of every three lessons.


We finished learning about Mercury and also studied Venus in October. We’ve really enjoyed learning about just how different the planets are from each other, but especially how different they are from the planet Earth.

One memorable lesson related to Venus’ thick and cloudy atmosphere. Because it is so thick scientists cannot clearly see the surface. So, scientists used radar to map out the surface of Venus. Apologia’s textbook explained how we could to do a fun experiment that simulated radar. I prepared a surface ahead of time, then we covered it, mapped out a grid, and inserted a chopstick marked with different colors at every inch. With this we were able to map out the surface without seeing it. This was pretty cool!


Please excuse the grossness of the flour mixture I ended up making for our “surface”

Co-op is going well, though we’ve missed two weeks due to illness. Levi is doing a little better in the nursery. Maybe someday he’ll be able to stay in the nursery the whole time when a nap isn’t involved.

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