Fourth of July Fireworks

Local fireworks displays in New Jersey were postponed due to the possibility of nasty weather passing through. So instead of Hamilton having their show on Friday, they had it on Saturday. July 4th was never a big to do growing up. I remember seeing fireworks, but it wasn’t one of those things we made sure to do every year (at least I don’t remember it being that way). Fast forward to July 4, 2002. Jonathan and I were dating long-distance and I flew from Boston to DC to spend the Fourth of July weekend with him and his family. Their tradition was to make the trek from their home in Northern Virginia to DC to watch the fireworks on the National Mall. This quickly became one of my favorite July 4th traditions.

We haven’t been to the National Mall for July 4th since Sarah was nine months old-so Lily and Levi had never experienced fireworks. I really wanted to see fireworks this year. Even though it meant branching off from the rest of the family it was worth it. I had such a sweet time with my little family.

We drove to the location of the show and it was quickly apparent that wherever we parked we would need to do quite a bit of walking to find a patch of grass where the crowds were congregating. We were losing daylight, kept driving, and took our next right in the hopes of finding a parking spot. We noticed small groups of people parking right on this street and setting up lawn chairs. We figured these people knew what they were doing and so we did the same. It was perfect! We were right near our parked car and found a quiet spot of grass where the girls could run around while they waited for the show to begin. Sarah got to practice her newly acquired firefly catching skills.











We kept wondering if we had made the right decision to stop and sit where we were. Once the show started though we knew we had struck fireworks gold.







I am so glad we did this. I was just so content watching the girls run and play. Plus I loved watching/hearing them ooh and aah at the fireworks. I will remember these moments for a long time.

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