Five Months!

Here I am doing Levi’s five month post and he is still five months old! Well, more like 5 1/2 months old, but still!

Levi loves to roll right onto his belly. He is able to move around in a circle as he reaches for his toys. Occasionally he’ll push up on his hands and knees but only moves backwards for now.

He loves to smile, even when he is sleep deprived. Speaking of sleep, Levi is not sleeping through the night and he does not nap well. There will be some days when he gives me 2-3 one hour naps and I don’t know what to do with myself! Other days he gives me one nap and I have to do all of my mommy duties one-handed (or not at all). I’m not sure if he is still adjusting to the new place, or if it is the fact that we haven’t been around every day to establish a schedule. It’s hard to say to the other three girls that we can’t go anywhere or do anything because Levi has to have his nap. Oh well. He’s happy, so I guess that is what matters.



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