Settling In

We have officially been homeowners for one month now. We are far from finished settling in, but we have made a lot of progress.

We first focused mainly on getting the kids rooms set up. Initially the older girls wanted their beds debunked, but this arrangement really did not allow for a lot of living space. We had decided to store their clothes under their beds in an effort to save space, but this wasn’t nearly as convenient as we thought it would be. It took a little convincing, but we got Abigail and Sarah to agree to bunk their beds again. We also purchased a real set of drawers for their clothes. Now they have all sorts of room to play around.



Lily and Levi’s room is pretty simple. For the first week Levi was sleeping in his pack-in-play because we had misplaced the crib hardware during the move. Once we got his crib set up we were able to put the furniture where we wanted it.



Our kitchen is pretty big when you talk square feet. As far as counter space and storage however, it seems to be lacking. Jonathan and I decided we wanted some sort of island to add extra work space and storage-plus it would serve as a table for breakfast or the occasional lunch for the older girls. Off to IKEA we went. They were sold out of the island we originally wanted, so we opted for a bigger one instead and I LOVE it! I feel like it was made for our kitchen. Despite it’s size it really hasn’t seemed to take away from our larger kitchen. Here it is before and after we added the island.




Jonathan has already started a bit of landscaping work. Last weekend he tackled a large flower bed in our front yard that was taken over by lilies. It was just too much. We’ve also got a ton of them in the backyard-but that will be a project for another day. We still need to figure out what to do with this flower bed, but I think it looks so much better when it isn’t overgrown with plants.



Finally, the girls love living here. The best part would probably be the 7-year-old grand-daughter of our next-door neighbors. She has already been declared Abigail’s best friend. Once I told Abigail that they couldn’t go out to play with her (for whatever reason) and she said, “but we never leave a friend behind!” They were disappointed to learn that she doesn’t actually live next door, but she is at her grandparent’s quite often. I’m sure the girls will know her schedule by heart by the end of the summer!

So that pretty much sums up how things are going in the abode so far. We are looking forward to continuing to make this house our home. And we thank God for the blessing to be able to do so!

Father’s Day

Father’s Day was a simple one. We started the day by quickly giving Jonathan his gift. A basket with his favorite pop, new pajama pants, and new undershirts. A friend of mine pinned a cute printable that said, “Daddy, we sure dew love you!”. We also made artwork at our church’s playgroup (thank you Jen for the idea) using the girls’ hand prints and Levi’s foot print.


After church we went to my parents’ for more outside fun. It also happened to be my niece’s fourth birthday-so we enjoyed pizza and cake in her honor.





Jonathan, can you believe you’ve been a Dad for over six years now! Your girls look up to you more than they look up to anyone else and they love you so much. I know Levi will look up to you as well. Thank you for being a great Dad!

Five Months!

Here I am doing Levi’s five month post and he is still five months old! Well, more like 5 1/2 months old, but still!

Levi loves to roll right onto his belly. He is able to move around in a circle as he reaches for his toys. Occasionally he’ll push up on his hands and knees but only moves backwards for now.

He loves to smile, even when he is sleep deprived. Speaking of sleep, Levi is not sleeping through the night and he does not nap well. There will be some days when he gives me 2-3 one hour naps and I don’t know what to do with myself! Other days he gives me one nap and I have to do all of my mommy duties one-handed (or not at all). I’m not sure if he is still adjusting to the new place, or if it is the fact that we haven’t been around every day to establish a schedule. It’s hard to say to the other three girls that we can’t go anywhere or do anything because Levi has to have his nap. Oh well. He’s happy, so I guess that is what matters.



5 Days


1 Month


2 Months


3 Months


4 Months


5 Months

The Butterfly Place

Way back in April of 2007-back in the day when Jonathan and I were the only members of our family (and back when we slept through the night) we took his family to The Butterfly Place in Westford. To get the best deal we could his parents purchased a pack of 10 tickets instead of the 6 we needed. So, that left 4 that we never ended up using between then and now.

Fast forward 7+ years to a few weeks back. We were in the midst of our Butterfly Unit and can you believe I still had those four leftover tickets? Lily and Levi were free so I only ended up using 3. Who knows when I’ll redeem the last ticket!

Anyway, we had a great time. I’m glad we were able to see real butterflies and real chrysalises since our caterpillar didn’t work out.












Kindergarten Corner – Butterfly and Frog

With May flying by and June not far behind we started moving at an accelerated pace with our remaining units. This was a pretty easy transition for the girls, who are very used to the regular activities that come with each unit (sound discrimination, handwriting, blend ladders, cut and paste pages, etc). The girls were troopers though.

Unit 21 – Butterfly

So, we did not purchase the recommended butterfly kit way back when it was suggested. I’m cheap, what can I say? On Day 2 the activity was to make a home for a caterpillar. We had a nice sized jar that we filled with dirt, a rock, a few good sticks, and a yummy leaf. The next step was to find a caterpillar. Since moving in we’ve found quite a few so I thought it would be easy. It took a little while but we found one. Abigail named it “Greeny” and Sarah nick-named it “Priscilla”.




I kept replacing old leaves with new ones. It was fun to see Greeny eat. I knew she was getting plenty of nourishment because, well, she disposed of it as well. It got to the point where I was wondering when she was going to do her thing and make her chrysalis. Then it got to the point when I was wondering if she had gone and died. Then this happened:


After much google searching (don’t eat lunch when you google search things like “caterpillar parasite”). The girls thought Greeny gave birth. I’m pretty sure a wasp or something laid an egg inside of her. As of today Greeny is no longer with us. And what was in this “egg” stopped wiggling. But, in the name of science, I decided to let it be and see if anything ended up hatching from it. As of today the egg did hatch and out flew an insect.



On Day 4 when we talked about the butterfly life cycle we displayed it using a cute craft I found on Pinterest.





We also went on a field trip to The Butterfly Place in Westford. I’ll write up a separate post for that in the coming days.

Unit 22 – Frog

We talked about frogs last year during preschool so it was a good amount of review for us. On Day 2 the activity is to make a book of frog facts. I thought it would be fun to use these instructions on how to draw a frog. This quickly led to mini meltdowns. After that we traced the frog badge instead. On Day 4 we were to discuss the life cycle of a frog. We used this printable, cut out the stages, and pasted them to a page of our book. Finally, when it came to our book activity on Day 6 we read Frog and Toad Are Friends. We discussed the difference between frogs and toads. I found this site particularly helpful.

Mother’s Day

We celebrated Mother’s Day much like we did one year ago. We went to church and then dedicated one of our children during our church’s Mother’s Day service. Last year I found out I was pregnant with Levi on Mother’s Day. We also dedicated Lily to the Lord. This year it was Levi’s turn to be dedicated.


We then headed to my parent’s house for a cookout and to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. The weather was beautiful and Nonna and Papa’s Playground got plenty of good use.









Four Months

And here we are again. Levi is actually five months old now. I won’t bother talking milestones and will leave that for his five month post (hopefully coming within the week-I’m catching up you see).


5 Days


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Two Months


Three Months


Four Months!