Slumber Party!

Friday’s are when we have “Pizza and Movie Night”. I make pizza from scratch and we eat together while we watch a family-friendly movie. Jonathan suggested this past week that we have a “pajama party” version. When Friday came along we found out that his definition of a pajama party is a wee bit different than mine. He defines as having dinner with pajamas on while I define it as staying up past bedtime, watching a movie, and sleeping in the living room. We did my version-though it didn’t end up exactly as planned.

We set the girls up on the floor. See how happy they are? All comfy and cozy.



I fell asleep during the movie (not surprising). After the movie was over the whining started. Abigail was too close to Sarah. Lily wanted to be in the middle. I offered the couch to Lily. Sarah wanted it instead. I ended up asking Lily if she wanted to sleep in her bed. She nodded “yes”, came with me to her room, and went to sleep without incident. Abigail had the floor all to herself, but that didn’t work for her. While I tried to convince her that she could fall asleep on her own if she tried hard enough Sarah quickly fell asleep on the couch. Ultimately I went on the floor with Abigail, who then quickly fell asleep. When Jonathan woke me up around 11:30 with a hungry Levi I decided I would be retiring to my own bed for the rest of the night.

It will be a good little while before we have a pajama party again 😉

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