We Have a Six-Year Old!

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this parenthood thing for six years now! On Saturday Abigail turned six. She’s been waiting for this day pretty much all year long.

Abigail is turning out to be such a sweet and sensitive little girl. She does have her strong-willed moments like most kids do. She will still come to me on occasion at night asking me to pray for her about various things-and I hope that never changes! She is also FULL of curiosity. She is always asking questions about all sorts of things. She is also a sponge-soaking up loads of information she is able to retell to others.

Here are photos of Abigail over the years:


Just shy of a week old


One year old


Two years old


Three years old


Four years old


Five years old


Six Years Old

We celebrated with family this weekend. Abigail asked for a crown cake. I found this one on a Diabetic Living website. I used it as inspiration for my sugar-filled version. I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe from southern living and crushed up lifesavers for the jewels. If I had it to do all over again I would have made the cookies a bit thinner.







Happy Birthday sweet Abigail. We thank God for blessing our lives with yours!

Two Months

Levi is now two months old. He continues to grow, now tipping the scales at 12 pounds 3 ounces. He is doing everything you would expect a two month old to do: smiling, cooing, eating, sleeping, p- well, you know. He gives just about everyone sweet smiles, but I think he reserves the biggest and best ones for me. His smiles and coos make middle of the night sessions a little more bearable.

He is sleeping well at night. His first shift lasts anywhere from 3-5 hours with remaining shifts going 2-3 hours. I just wish the in between times didn’t last so long (60-90 minutes).

Here is our little man in his 12 month onesie, followed by a couple other photos from the past month.


5 Days


1 Month


2 Months



100th Day of School!

We made it to 100 days! It took us a bit longer than most-due mainly to sickness and having Levi. We broke away from our elephant unit (which I’ll post about later) to have fun with the number 100.

We started out by taking pictures similar to our first day of school pictures. We did nice smiles and silly faces.






Next we prepared our snack-colorful fruit ring cereal necklaces-serving size: 100 rings. I had the girls make piles of 10 so we could count by 10’s to 100.




We had fun with q-tip painting, filling diamonds with 10 dots each, to add to 100. I found a similar idea on Pinterest, I just made my own sheet. The girls got a little carried away on some of their diamonds by making 11 or 12 dots, but it was fun anyway.





While searching Pinterest for other 100th Day ideas I found a website offering a free gumball machine printable. We worked together to fill it up with 100 gumballs using do-a-dot markers.





We finished our day putting together a 100-piece puzzle, being sure to count them first using our 100-chart. We had trouble putting the pieces on neatly, so it seemed we were missing a few, but this former-auditor mommy new better (I had counted them the night before). Lily woke up from her nap at this point, so she helped out too.



We’re looking forward to continuing on in our studies. Hopefully as the weather begins to warm we’ll even get to fit in a field trip here and there. I am very proud of all the progress the girls have made. When I look back on their accomplishments it makes this whole homeschooling thing seem doable. I’m pretty sure we’ll continue on into first grade with how things have gone this year!

Slumber Party!

Friday’s are when we have “Pizza and Movie Night”. I make pizza from scratch and we eat together while we watch a family-friendly movie. Jonathan suggested this past week that we have a “pajama party” version. When Friday came along we found out that his definition of a pajama party is a wee bit different than mine. He defines as having dinner with pajamas on while I define it as staying up past bedtime, watching a movie, and sleeping in the living room. We did my version-though it didn’t end up exactly as planned.

We set the girls up on the floor. See how happy they are? All comfy and cozy.



I fell asleep during the movie (not surprising). After the movie was over the whining started. Abigail was too close to Sarah. Lily wanted to be in the middle. I offered the couch to Lily. Sarah wanted it instead. I ended up asking Lily if she wanted to sleep in her bed. She nodded “yes”, came with me to her room, and went to sleep without incident. Abigail had the floor all to herself, but that didn’t work for her. While I tried to convince her that she could fall asleep on her own if she tried hard enough Sarah quickly fell asleep on the couch. Ultimately I went on the floor with Abigail, who then quickly fell asleep. When Jonathan woke me up around 11:30 with a hungry Levi I decided I would be retiring to my own bed for the rest of the night.

It will be a good little while before we have a pajama party again 😉

Kindergarten Corner – Cow Unit

This unit marked the halfway point in our curriculum. We talked about the letter C, cows, and how God’s word helps us grow.

The highlight of our unit was making our own butter. We had school at my Mom’s so she and my niece Bridget could join in on the fun. Plus, we had a butter churn on hand (one my grandmother had for decoration) so we could talk about how butter was made a while ago. All you need is a few containers that close tightly, heavy cream, and salt at the end (optional).


We all took turns shaking our containers. At first we wondered if it would work out. The more we shook, the less room in the container there seemed to be for the cream to move around. The cream turned into a whipped cream consistency. Then, it got pretty thick before, almost suddenly, you could hear a solid mass sloshing around in liquid. At this point you get a solid-type butter that looks mealy. We separated the buttermilk out and kept shaking to remove all the liquid. Then we were each left with creamy butter and a decent amount of buttermilk.







Nonna being the awesome grandma she is, decided to use the buttermilk to make biscuits-the perfect medium for trying our butter.




We pretty much followed the rest of the curriculum as it was laid out.