One Month

Levi’s first month came and went pretty quickly. Over the course of a month he put on two pounds. He eats well and sleeps well – he just doesn’t always sleep when I’d like him to. He doesn’t have a schedule at all yet. The only thing I can count on is a good chunk of awake time first thing in the morning and also in the evening before he goes down for the night. It seems like late morning to late afternoon is filled with a string of naps with feedings in between.


The girls love their little brother. Abigail and Sarah like to visit with him on the floor in the mornings where they often compete for his attention. he’s now smiling back, which is really cute.



Not a picture with Sarah, but rather a picture of what she did.


We’re doing monthly onesie pictures again. Here is Levi at 5 days and then one month:

IMG_0062  IMG_0173

And just like that, in a little over a week, our little guy will be another month older!

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