Kindergarten Corner – Insect Unit

We got back into the swing of things school-wise with our 11th unit which covered the letter I and insects. Wwe started the week off learning about what makes an insect an insect (six legs, two antennae, three body parts). Then we focused on a different insect each day. We talked about ants on day two and what hard workers they are. On day three we talked about ladybugs and the girls painted ladybugs on rocks.


I really enjoyed day four when we learned all about bees. The girls made their own hives with paper hexagons and filled each cell with either eggs (grain of rice), larvae (balled up cotton), or honey (brown paper). The girls also got to eat honey and learned how God’s laws are sweeter than honey.





Once again, on day six we listened to classical music and danced around as if we were bees. There were plenty of smiles and giggles. We listened to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight Of The Bumblebee.

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