Hospital Visits

This may just be me, but right after having baby #’s 2-4 I was ready to go home. I did not look forward to my two day hospital stays. With my husband primarily at home taking care of the other kids my time at the hospital feels way too quiet and very lonely. This time around I was pretty desperate for visitors.

My parents were the first to visit. They asked me if I wanted them to bring anything. I told them I just wanted to see people! They came with coffee and chocolate, which I did not turn down.



Jonathan and the girls arrived 30 minutes or so into my parents’ visit. Abigail and Sarah were very excited to finally meet their baby brother. Lily wanted to leave pretty much when she came in the room. She looked at Levi a few times but was not interested in doing much more than that.








My great friend and her husband visited as well. She’s expecting a boy in May, so we’re hoping our boys will be best buddies. They stayed until visiting hours were over-giving me a chance to eat my dinner and have adult conversation.



Needless to say I was up and at ’em on my last morning at the hospital. And as messy, crazy, and loud as it may be I was happy to finally get back home.

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