Kindergarten Corner – Octopus Unit

We finished Unit 9 a few weeks ago. As with other units we skipped a few activities and did some new ones.

We learned about the letter “O”, octopi (and other sea creatures), and talked about how “even the octopus praises the Lord.” The girls loved learning about the octopus and what an amazing creature it is. God is an amazing Creator, which was evidenced in a few YouTube videos we watched:

One art activity involved making an ocean mural by first painting the paper with blue finger paint. Instead we did water color paint and brushes. We made the paint with water and food coloring. I took the opportunity to illustrate how an octopus uses its ink as I made the paint.







We decorated the mural with hand print octopi we made earlier in the week. We made coral/sea weed using torn and crumbled paper. We made different sea creatures using cookie cutters I had on hand. This ended up being a really fun activity. It wrapped up our unit nicely.


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