Kindergarten Corner – Dinosaur Unit

The girls loved learning about dinosaurs for our eighth unit in My Father’s World. The curriculum suggests reading the book What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? by John Morris and Ken Ham. We didn’t buy this as part of the curriculum, so instead I referred to an article by the same name by Ken Ham.

Growing up in public school I learned about dinosaurs living millions of years ago. I also learned about how they possibly were made extinct. I sang different songs about the different types of dinosaurs and so on. This time around I taught the girls about how God created the dinosaurs along with other land animals on day 6 of creation. We also talked about how many of the dinosaurs died off (like other animals) during the flood. I did mention also that some people believe that dinosaurs came about millions of years ago and we talked a teeny bit about evolution-but we have plenty of time to dig into that when they are a bit older.

We didn’t end up doing a number of the crafty dinosaur activities for this unit. Instead I found some dot-to-dot dinosaur pages from and also puzzles from 1 + 1 + 1 = 1.

One of our more entertaining activities was making our own fossils. I found a recipe on Pinterest that used coffee grounds, salt, flour, and cold coffee.





The girls are getting used to using the blend ladder and are starting to write and read basic words (and have been since unit six). It is really exciting to see them sound out words and recognize words we’ve gone over in the past.

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