Nesting Nearly Complete

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Papa came up from Virginia to visit and drop off a bed for Lily. Where would we put a whole twin bed living in a 2-bedroom apartment you may wonder? In the master bedroom. Two months ago we ended up switching rooms with the girls. It made more sense to have four human beings in the large bedroom and two in the smaller one. Our new room is a little tight, but really, we don’t spend too much time in there. The girls and their future baby brother have plenty of room to sleep and play.





I also managed to make our little guy a blanket in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. We also picked out our take-home outfit:


We have a good inventory of neutral and boy newborn to 3 months clothes and already purchased our first big box of size one diapers. I’ve also packed a bag to go with the girls when we head to the hospital. All I really have left to do is pack my hospital bag and wait. Thirty-eight weeks and 3 days down, 1 week and 4-ish days to go!

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