Kindergarten Corner – Us Unit

Our seventh unit covered the letter U and “us”. We had a lot of fun exploring our five senses.

The girls had a lot of fun with the activities for each sense. Most of them included blindfolds.

For touch we happened to be at Nonna’s house. I collected different objects from home and put them in a pillowcase. The girls took turns feeling inside, selecting an item, and guessing what it was. Sarah tried sneaking peeks before guessing. We also later made a gift for Grandma with Nonna that went well with the lesson plan – Christmas-scented sugar scrubs. After mixing up a warm vanilla scrub and a peppermint scrub the girls were able to try them out.




For hearing I blindfolded the girls and made different sounds and they guessed what they were. Some sounds I made included crumbling paper, shaking change, zipping a zipper, biting a pretzel stick, and bouncing a ball.

For smell we once again used blindfolds and smelled different things like soap, cinnamon, garlic, a candle, and peanut butter.

For sight we tried drawing a person with blindfolds and then without. As with all of our blindfolded activities, Sarah liked to peek a bit. But we still had fun with this activitie as well as the others.

I think our tasting activity was probably the most entertaining. We first talked about how we can taste salty, sweet, bitter, and sour. Then I blindfolded them to have them blind-taste the different types of “flavors” for salty I used salt, sugar for sweet, lemon for sour (and an orange to contrast with it), and cocoa powder for bitter.

The girls are doing really well with our school routine. Hopefully the arrival of our son in early January won’t throw things off too much.

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