Kindergarten Corner – Nest Unit

We had another fun unit learning about nests and the letter N. A few of the days were a struggle because (1) we had to do school in the afternoon for one reason or another (and a certain 4 year old was grumpy) and (2) we dealt with minor colds during this unit.

When I prepare for each unit I try and look up other helpful resources or supplemental activities to use. Many times I’ll find other blogs that talk about My Father’s World too. On The Good, The Bad & The Truth blog I found a link to a YouTube video that went over different types of nests. We watched this on Day 1.

On Day 3 we made edible nests using shredded wheat (grass), chow mein noodles (twigs) and mud. One of my complaints so far about this curriculum is that it does not take into consideration children who may have allergies. The recipe provided had you make mud by melting chocolate and peanut butter together. Now, we don’t have any known peanut allergies yet, but I’m delaying introducing them until Lily is a bit older (plus, Sarah doesn’t like peanut butter). Anyway, I was hoping for maybe a substitution suggestion. Thankfully, I found the blog When Mommy Trains Little Brains. She used marshmallow fluff instead of peanut butter. So, I tried using mini marshmallows and added a bit of butter as if they were rice krispie treats. I had a tough time figuring out how much to use, but it worked out in the end.



Once again we had a lot of fun on Day 6 when we listened to classical music and danced around the living room. This week we listened to Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Swans. The girls danced as if they were swans in a lake. We had plenty of giggles and smiles at the end, with a request for an encore.


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