Kindergarten Corner – Leaf Unit

Our third unit was all about the letter L and leaves. This unit came at the perfect time as the leaves are changing and falling all around us. This paired with really great and unseasonably warm weather resulted in plenty of play time in the leaves.






The big take away from this unit was talking about the leaf’s biggest job-making food for the tree/plant. The girls became well versed in what ingredients leaves needed to do what they were made to do.

There were a number of fun crafty projects we tackled during the week. This included leaf rubbing, preserving leaves, and painting around the borders of leaves to make fun art. Our unit was capped off with making “stained glass” using leaves, wax paper, and crayon shavings (who doesn’t have spare crayons laying around?). This was mostly my job, but the girls seemed to enjoy sprinkling shavings and arranging their leaves.




Day 6 in each unit from My Father’s World kindergarten curriculum includes an introduction to classical music. We didn’t buy the supplemental package for this, but thanks to Youtube we have been able to include it. For this unit we listened to Brahms’ Hungarian Dance no. 5 in G Minor. The girls danced to the music as if they were a leaf falling from a tree, twirling and spinning either fast or slow depending on the pace of the music. They loved this. We ended up doing it three times and even Lily joined in on the fun. We had lots of giggles and maybe even got a little bit of exercise too!

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