Kindergarten Corner – Moon Unit

We had fun going over our second unit about the letter M and the moon. We pretty much followed the plan My Father’s World (MFW) gave us. There aren’t as many fun experiments you can do when you talk about the moon (versus what we did with our sun unit) but we still had a good time with it.

One activity involved drawing moon phases. We did that, but took it one step further, thanks to an idea from Pinterest. Did you know that you could make models of moon phases using the delicious Oreo cookie? Well, you can, so we did.




One thing we did that wasn’t covered in the curriculum was painting moons. The curriculum wanted us to make a mobile of a sun, moon, and stars, but we had so much painting the sun in the last unit that I decided we should paint a moon as well. I found a cool method on Pinterest that involved adding flour to white paint so we could give our moons texture.

There are so many resources available via the Internet. Though you always need to be careful and sure of the source. We watched a few Youtube videos to supplement what we covered. For example, the girls watched footage from the moon landing to catch a glimpse of how the astronauts bounced around on the moon (a side note: I couldn’t believe how many moon landing hoax videos came up in my search results-I didn’t realize some don’t believe it actually happened!). We also checked out a video of a shuttle launch, which was pretty cool.

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