Kindergarten Corner – Sun Unit

School has been going really well these past few weeks. Of course we have our good days and our bad days. It took a while for Abigail to admit that school wasn’t all that boring. Our first unit covered the letter S and the Sun. My Father’s World (MFW) provided a lot of creative experiments and activities to show what the sun does and how important the sun is.

One activity was creating sundials and using them to track the time. We didn’t use the method from MFW, but instead tried these simple sundials we found on Pinterest. We set them up at Nonna and Papa’s house so we could have fun playing outside as the hours passed. The girls got excited with each passing hour when they got to check their sundials.

Another fun experiment we did was planting beans. We each planted seeds in jars set up on our window sill and then had seeds in jars we kept in a closet. I even had fun with this one-it was exciting to check up on them each day because beans grow relatively fast. I used a method I found on

Beans on Day 1



Beans on Day 6



Beans on Day 9



I knew that there was a chance the closet beans would sprout just as well as the window sill ones. What I did not anticipate was that they might sprout earlier and get taller than the window sill beans. We did of course notice the big difference in color and talked about which plants were healthier. Just because the closet beans were taller/bigger didn’t mean they were more healthy than the window sill beans. We may take this experiment further and see if the closet beans change color after moving them to the window sill.

Both girls are doing really well with school so far. For Abigail we are still reviewing a lot (which may be why she thinks school is boring), but I think she’ll be happier once we start more phonics and learning to read. Sarah has impressed me a lot. She’s gone from not recognizing all of her ABCs to picking up beginning sounds.

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