The Great Road Trip of 2013

Jonathan and I had been talking about visiting Grandma Kapaldo in South Carolina for a while now. This past weekend we finally did it. It seemed like most of our “vacation” was spent in the car, but the visits we had were well worth it!

Here are a few fun stats regarding our trip:

Leg 1 – MA to Springfield, VA – Thursday

  • 8 hours (record time for us)
  • 450 miles
  • Abigail asked “Are we there yet?” five times while Sarah didn’t bother to ask at all

Leg 2 – Springfield to Colombia, SC – Friday

  • 9 hours
  • 470 miles
  • Abigail asked “the question” 11 times while Sarah, again, didn’t ask at all

Leg 3 – Colombia to Springfield – Monday

  • 9 1/2 hours
  • 470 miles
  • Abigail didn’t ask the question! Sarah asked us once.

Leg 4 – Springfield to MA – Tuesday

  • 8 1/2 hours
  • 450 miles
  • Abigail asked us 6 times. Sarah didn’t bother again.
  • So we spent a solid 35 hours in the car and traveled 1,840 miles. And we all still love each other.

On Thursday night we were able to visit with Papa Kapaldo, Uncle Aaron, Auntie Mita, and Micah (the girls 15 month old cousin). The girls had lots of fun running up and down the halls with Micah and as a result fell asleep for the night without any help from us!

We were happy to find out that Uncle James would be visiting SC the same weekend. He flew in from Indiana. The girls love their Uncle James. Uncle Michael and Auntie Jesse also live in SC so we got to see lots of family during our visit.

I wish I had more pictures from our weekend. We spent most of our time hanging out while the girls did plenty of running around and playing with Sullivan-Michael and Jesse’s cat. Abigail has concluded that she is not allergic to small cats because Sullivan is a small cat and only big ones cause her problems. I’ve tried to explain that it really deals with the type of cat but oh well. Speaking of allergies though I’m glad we were armed with Benadryl because a mosquito bite right on Abigail’s lip caused quite a bit of swelling. The mosquitoes found the girls to be quite appetizing.

Our big activity for the weekend was visiting Colombia’s Riverbanks Zoo. This was a great zoo with plenty to see. Abigail’s favorite animals were the flamingos. When we asked Sarah what her favorite was (not until we got home) she told us the “bamboos”. I giggled and said, “Bamboo is a plant, not an animal.” But then she said something about the “bamboos” having red bums. Then I got it, “Oh! Baboons!” I love her. The girls also really enjoyed feeding farm animals.













IMG_8965 IMG_8967

IMG_8968 IMG_8969





Maybe when our little guy is a year or so old he will be “road trip ready” so we can make a visit again. I feel like we are becoming road trip experts with all the traveling we’ve done. I know I have great memories of car trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s and I hope the girls are storing happy memories of their own.



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