It’s A…

We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning. The Technician asked me if I wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I told her I did, as long as she was able to figure it out. Well, she was able to figure it out and said it was pretty obvious.

I told only Jonathan when I got home and then I got to work on some cake balls. This may be the last time I ever make these things because they are a pain! But my family’s reaction was worth it:






We are having a BOY! I was actually pretty surprised when I found out because I had convinced myself we were having another girl.

On the way home from our little “reveal” at my parents’ I talked to Sarah about what had happened. “You know what it meant when we saw blue in the cake balls right?” She responded, “It means we are having a boy. But I don’t want a boy anymore, I changed my mind.” I love her! I’m sure all of our little guy’s big sisters will welcome him with open arms and lots of cuddles.

My in-laws of course couldn’t be here for the cake balls, so we thought we’d let the girls show them what we are having in a different way. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of Papa until after bedtime, but we snagged a quick picture so he can see what they did.


So now the real work begins, thinking up a name. And maybe giving away our baby girl clothes to make room for baby boy clothes.

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