Getting Ready!

The new school year is fast approaching. This will be our first “real” year of homeschool where Abigail will start Kindergarten and Sarah will do a more “formal” preschool.

Back in April Jonathan and I went to a homeschool conference where we decided on a Kindergarten curriculum from My Father’s World. It uses a unit study approach that incorporates reading, phonics, math, science, Bible, etc into 26 weekly units (one for each letter of the alphabet. I imagine Sarah will follow along for a good deal of it, but I will probably supplement her with more of the basics (ABC’s, and 123’s).

This past weekend we braved IKEA with all three girls to buy another Expedit shelving unit. We already have the smallest version and were going to get another one for our school room, but decided to get a large one for our living room and use the one we had already for the school room. Too much information? Sorry.

We’ll be doing most of our school work in the dining room. I finished organizing our supplies and such today. I am excited to have everything in one place. Last year a lot of our supplies were in plastic tubs in my closet, which led to a lot of messes and a lot of digging for things.




All we have left is waiting for a few books to come in the mail and a few small supplies to buy!

More Beach Fun!

The summer seems to be winding down already. Before we know it it will be back to school time! This week though was the perfect summer week. The weather was warm and sunny. What better way to pass the time than to head off to the beach with your Nonna, Auntie, Uncle and Cousin!?

After getting a little turned around and dealing with plenty of “Are we there yet?”s we settled down at a small beach in Marblehead. The girls got right to splashing in the water and digging in the sand.














Our Last Hurrah

Today the Build-A-Bear where my Mom has worked for over two years was open for it’s last day of business. After two years and many bears later we decided to go one last time before the store closed for good. It was extra special because Nonna was working there and got to help the girls make their bears. We even got a bear for the girls’ little brother.










Here are two pictures from the girls first visit to go along with the ones from their last visit.



Thanks Nonna for so many fun Build-A-Bear memories!

A New Playground

The girls love going to Nonna and Papa’s house. They love visiting their grandparents, great-grandparents, cousin Bridget, and Auntie Laura and Uncle Nick. Now they have another thing to look forward to whenever they visit-a new “playground”.

There used to be a large shed in my parents backyard, which limited play space for the girls. My parents got rid of the shed and then leveled the yard a bit. This weekend Papa and Uncle Nick built a brand-new swing set complete with playground mulch and a slide. Let me tell you, they were so excited to hear about the new addition-so much so that Abigail would not let me hear the end of it until we visited today. And then afterwards she had to tell me how much she loves the swing several times.








Thanks Nonna and Papa for the fun new swings!

It’s A…

We had our anatomy ultrasound this morning. The Technician asked me if I wanted to know if we were having a boy or a girl. I told her I did, as long as she was able to figure it out. Well, she was able to figure it out and said it was pretty obvious.

I told only Jonathan when I got home and then I got to work on some cake balls. This may be the last time I ever make these things because they are a pain! But my family’s reaction was worth it:






We are having a BOY! I was actually pretty surprised when I found out because I had convinced myself we were having another girl.

On the way home from our little “reveal” at my parents’ I talked to Sarah about what had happened. “You know what it meant when we saw blue in the cake balls right?” She responded, “It means we are having a boy. But I don’t want a boy anymore, I changed my mind.” I love her! I’m sure all of our little guy’s big sisters will welcome him with open arms and lots of cuddles.

My in-laws of course couldn’t be here for the cake balls, so we thought we’d let the girls show them what we are having in a different way. Unfortunately we couldn’t get a hold of Papa until after bedtime, but we snagged a quick picture so he can see what they did.


So now the real work begins, thinking up a name. And maybe giving away our baby girl clothes to make room for baby boy clothes.

Mini-Golf Mayhem

Ok, it wasn’t exactly mayhem, but we did go mini-golfing this weekend with our Community Group. This was the girls first experience and I think they did pretty well-though 18 holes may have been a bit much to start with. The course wasn’t nearly as busy as I expected it to be on a Saturday afternoon, which worked well because we didn’t have the added pressure of quick performance until we hit hole 16 and another group had caught up with us. Plus while the adults were golfing the girls went ahead a hole and took many practice shots.










The Happy Trimester

I have actually been in the “happy” or second trimester for three weeks now. The good news is that my nausea/aversion to food is gone. The one symptom still with me is exhaustion. Utter exhaustion. I have been known to doze a number of times during Lily’s naps. Thankfully the older girls have not taken advantage of my “absence” to get into things. By the time the girls are in bed for the night I can get a burst of productivity before calling it a day.

This pregnancy has been very similar to my others. One difference is that I had to stop drinking coffee during the first trimester. I just couldn’t do it. The thought of it grossed me out. Thankfully, I didn’t have a tough time giving it up. Occasionally now I can have an iced coffee and not be bothered by it. Another slightly different experience would be my itchy legs. I didn’t have this problem with Sarah and Lily, but I did with Abigail. It drives me nuts! Oh, and I guess there is one more thing, instead of a pregnancy “glow” I have more of a burn. My face is just so red this time around.

So, you could maybe conclude that we are having another girl because all of my pregnancies are pretty much the same (minus a few small things). Part of me feels like we are having another girl, but we’ll hopefully know for sure come the first week in August.

In other news, I am starting to feel flutters now. They say that with your second pregnancy you tend to feel things sooner because (1) you know what you are looking for and (2) that part of you isn’t as firm as it used to be. Well, I want to say that with your fourth pregnancy you feel things later because you just don’t get many opportunities to sit down and try to observe early flutters. What I am really excited for is when the girls will get to feel their sibling move. It has been a lot of fun explaining things to the older two. Abigail especially has lots of questions.

And, finally, a belly picture. This is at 17.5 weeks. There is quite a bump going on there, but this is my fourth time around 🙂