Fantastic Four Outtakes

I wanted to get creative when it came to announcing our new addition, partly to get more excited about it and to get my mind off of the overwhelming-ness of the whole thing. The ideas of the “Fabulous Four” (because we have all girls) and “Fantastic Four” came to mind. We went with Fantastic Four because we don’t know if #4 is a boy or a girl and, well, what kids don’t like dressing up like super heroes?

I saw easy instructions for making a super hero cape using an old t-shirt on Pinterest. I made one for each the girls and then personalized them with good old-fashion puff paint and fabric markers. I used a pattern from Family Fun for the masks, which I made with craft foam.

Our photo shoot was quite the challenge. Abigail and Sarah were good about staying put for pictures, but didn’t always look at the camera or hold the shield the right way. And Lily, oh Lily, she didn’t want to stay still and was not too fond of her mask. I thought it would be fun to share some of our photos that didn’t make the “final cut”.

IMG_8506 IMG_8507 IMG_8517 IMG_8532 IMG_8535 IMG_8542 IMG_8553

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