Father’s Day

We had a nice quiet Father’s Day at home this year. We started the day like most Father’s Days-with a hearty breakfast and presents. This year we got Daddy a travel mug for work and a nice frame to hold pictures from our last photo shoot with my friend Krista. This will make for a nice office accessory. The girls also made their Dad personalized cards. I love Sarah’s, not only did she include every member of our family, but she also added two aliens that she said Daddy fought against. The sad part was that the aliens won. It’s still cute though!IMG_8249IMG_8251IMG_8252IMG_8258IMG_8261

After church we had a yummy lunch of my Grandma’s homemade gravy and meatballs. Then I got a little Father’s Day treat of sorts. Jonathan took the older two gals for a trip to the park while I stayed behind so Lily could nap.

All in all it was a great Father’s Day!

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