More Summer Weather Fun!

As much as I’d love to be living in a house right now, living in an apartment complex has its perks-one being a pool. We visited the pool for the first time this past Saturday. I would never consider going during the week when Jonathan isn’t around-that would be insane.

It took Lily a little while to start enjoying herself. We also did a bit of tweaking with floaties and vests for the older girls. It turns out that now Abigail does really well with just a pair of arm floaties. Sarah can be pretty independent as well with arm floaties and the “vest” Abigail used for the past two years.

Abigail took it upon herself to attempt swimming with her head under the water. I’d say she’s ready for some real lessons. Hopefully we can get to the pool more this summer and Jonathan could teach her.

IMG_8155 IMG_8161 IMG_8177 IMG_8180 IMG_8186 IMG_8190 IMG_8198 IMG_8202

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