Sprinkler Park Fun!

Last weekend was the unofficial start of summer-Memorial Day weekend. The weekend, however, felt nothing like summer. This weekend on the other hand will be very summer-like. We are in day two of a three day heat wave where temperatures are supposed to hover around 90 degrees. Yesterday we hunkered down, but today we ventured out for some fun relief from the heat. I took the girls to a splash pad/spray park that’s about a 20 minute drive away and then a little 5-10 minute hike from the parking lot.

I was worried that going by myself with my three girls would be a lot of work, but they made it very easy for me. Abigail was the only one I had to scan for every few moments, but only because she was having a blast running around and playing. Sarah pretty much stayed near me and Lily was very attached for most of our visit. Lily really didn’t like the whole getting wet aspect of the park. Overall though the girls had a great time and we hope to go again soon.

IMG_8103 IMG_8112 IMG_8118 IMG_8119 IMG_8126 IMG_8134 IMG_8138 IMG_8141

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