Our Road Trip Adventure

Last weekend we headed on a five day road trip that would involve at least 27 hours in our van, cover 1,325 miles and 8 states.

We started bright and early Friday morning-a bit before 6:00. As we were buzzing along the highway Jonathan glanced at our windshield and realized that our inspection was due last month! We were a good two weeks overdue on it and decided to not put it off any longer. So, I googled inspection places a bit down our route that were opening fairly soon. I found one that opened at 7:30. We stopped in Stoughton for breakfast and an inspection. It’s a good thing we stopped too, because one of our break lights were out.

We headed to Cranberry, Pennsylvania, which took a good 12 hours due to traffic and more stops than we anticipated (really, why can’t the girls go potty at the same time?). Towards the end of our trip Lily was melting down. She had a 45 minute nap in the morning and hadn’t had another one. She was overtired and extremely cranky-but you wouldn’t know it when we got to the hotel, all three girls were squealing and running all over the place.

IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8008 Friday
Grandma Kapaldo was in the area so we visited with her on Saturday morning. She joined us for an epic trip to Walmart where we would embark on a mission to find Sarah dress shoes. Currently there is only one pair of shoes Sarah will wear. They happen to be dingy white sneakers with a bit of sparkle. I really didn’t want her wearing them with her nice dress for Uncle Nathaniel’s commissioning ceremony. Sarah is so picky when it comes to tags, socks, and shoes. We must have been in the shoe aisle for 30 minutes. There were tears, complaints about straps hurting her feet or shoes being too small. I asked Jonathan and his Mom to take the other two girls away so I could focus on Sarah one-on-one. I was desperate and ended up bribing her with gummy bears. It turns out she ended up liking the shoes.

After shopping we had lunch and then got ready for Uncle Nathaniel’s commissioning ceremony. The girls cracked me up because they thought it was a “sarah”mony and Abigail wondered when the abigailmony would be.

IMG_8016IMG_8017IMG_8018IMG_8019IMG_8025IMG_8041IMG_8043IMG_8048After the ceremony we hung outside for pictures and then pizza. The girls loved running around picking dandelions, clovers, and those wonderful dandelion seeds.

IMG_8062 IMG_8069 IMG_8075  IMG_8074IMG_8078

Friday night into early Saturday morning seemed never-ending. Around 11:30 Saturday night Sarah woke up complaining of a runny nose. She would doze a bit, then wake up whining. This went on for a good two hours. Towards the 90 minute mark was when I noticed her eyes were extremely puffy. Jonathan ended up taking a trip to get Benadryl. She ended up sleeping just fine the rest of the night.

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and headed to Slippery Rock University to watch Nathaniel graduate. Most of us ended up in an overflow auditorium where we watched a live feed. The girls lasted until Nathaniel walked the stage, then we headed out and Lily took a much needed nap in the stroller.

We all ventured back to Cranberry (a caravan of about 8 vehicles carrying a dozen adults and four kids) for a late lunch at Smokey Bones. I thought it was funny because Sarah and I ended up at one end of our long table while Jonathan, Abigail, and Lily were at the other end. Sarah got juice, macaroni and cheese, and fries while Abigail ended up with water, chicken (not fried), and broccoli.

After lunch we went our separate ways. Instead of heading back to Massachusetts (it was already 4:00 PM) we headed to Northern Virginia to spend a few nights with Papa Kapaldo. I thank God for that 4 and 1/2 hour drive. I am so glad we broke the trip home into smaller, more manageable parts.

We took it easy Sunday. After lunch we headed to Uncle Aaron and Auntie Mita’s new house. The girls had a blast running around, squealing, and also having crawling races with their almost one year old cousin Micah. Where do they get this energy? Then we had dinner at Bertucci’s where Lily ate more than Abigail and Sarah combined. It was a great afternoon.

IMG_0625 IMG_0626Monday
We got on the road around 8:30 and made it home about 10 hours later. Once again, towards the end Lily was melting down. She does not seem to be a fan of road trips. But she was per happy self once she was free to run around at home.

We had a great weekend away and were so happy to see all of the girls uncles, Grandma and Papa Kapaldo, and also Jonathan’s Aunt Charissa, Uncle Ady, Aunt Ruth Ann, and Uncle Leland.

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