Abigail’s Birthday Revisited

Grandma Kapaldo had been working on a special birthday present for Abigail this year, which arrived in the mail yesterday afternoon. Who doesn’t like spreading out your birthday celebration! What surprised me is that in the morning Abigail knew she was expecting a package in the mail and did not want to wait for it to arrive, but once it arrived in the afternoon she had no problems waiting a bit longer for Daddy to get home to open everything up.

IMG_7869 IMG_7874 IMG_7875 IMG_7879  IMG_7887IMG_7889

Abigail got a very special hand-made baby doll, a doll with a beautiful dress, and a dress Abigail’s size that matches her doll’s dress. Needless to say, this special gift was worth the wait. Abigail loves it!

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