Raised Bed Garden

Last Friday we headed over to Nonna’s for some gardening fun. Nonna and Papa have always been great about providing outdoor entertainment for the girls during the summertime. Last year (or maybe two summers ago) they bought a plastic kiddie pool. You know the kind: it gets used a few times and then gets put aside to get all dented and muddy. Well, my Mom found the perfect use for it-a raised bed garden! She found the idea on Pinterest (though I’m not sure which pin she chose).

The first step was drilling holes around the side of the pool. Papa carefully let the girls help him out.       IMG_7798

After drilling holes we added about 3-4 inches of untreated mulch.IMG_7801

The next layer was potting soil before we planted our vegetables.IMG_7806IMG_7805IMG_7809IMG_7821IMG_7818IMG_7822IMG_7839

We ended up planting red and green bell peppers, tomatoes, basil, and rosemary. We also added marigolds. Abigail kept on calling them “miracles”, which was adorable. After planting the girls did plenty of watering.IMG_7828IMG_7843IMG_7840IMG_7846

We are looking forward to keeping up with the garden, watering it and caring for it whenever we visit Nonna and Papa’s. Thank you Nonna for letting the girls help out and be such a big part of it!

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