Pre-Easter Fun

The girls got together with their cousin, Auntie, and Nonna to make their Easter baskets for this year. This is the way Nonna made her basket when she was growing up. All you need is a milk/orange juice carton, construction paper, and other crafty items to decorate your basket.

IMG_7355IMG_7357IMG_7358The day before Easter we colored eggs. I asked Abigail how many she thought we should make and she suggested twelve. I figured, why not? We had been doing the letter “R” in homeschool the week before, which included lots of rainbow crafts, so we went with rainbow colors (minus indigo-so sorry, Indigo).

Abigail and Sarah were doing fine and all was well until Lily decided to see what all the fuss was about. At one point she would grab a white egg, pretend to nibble on it, and then set the egg back in the carton. Then she decided to get more adventurous and grab at the spoons in our glasses. Finally she caught on though. Without us seeing it coming Lily grabbed another egg from the carton and plopped it into one of the cups of colored water. I’m sad I wasn’t prepared to capture it on camera.


I’m glad my husband and I like hard-boiled eggs. I had a feeling the girls wouldn’t like them and I was right. Sarah took one “taste” and declared, “I don’t like these.” Abigail did eat the white of the egg and discarded the yolk, but I think she had to really work hard to swallow it all. Maybe next year?

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