Valentine’s Day

The girls were pretty excited for Valentine’s Day this year. The actual day was pretty low key, but we did a few fun crafts leading up to it.

We started with simple decorations for our window. We made these flowers by accordion folding two pieces of construction paper and attaching them to each other with tape.IMG_7299

Valentine’s Day fell during the week we learned about the letter “O” for preschool/homeschool. So we made cute owl valentines using different sized hearts and glitter glue.


For dinner the girls had one of their favorites, white bean soup, followed by a dessert of Oreo truffles. I had them bathed and ready for bed by the time Jonathan cam home.IMG_7226IMG_7240Jonathan came bearing gifts for the girls and flowers for me. Abigail and Sarah got cute little animal Lego sets and Lily got a Duplo set. I was ready to send them to bed, but Jonathan was generous and let them build their sets first.IMG_7265IMG_7251IMG_7250IMG_7248IMG_7256IMG_7258IMG_7252Once the girls were in bed we set out on our Valentine’s Day tradition. Since the beginning Jonathan has made dinner for us followed by dessert made by me. We had steak, potatoes, and fresh green beans. I easily cleaned my plate, but still managed to eat two truffles. We watched the latest Bond movie, Skyfall, where I fell asleep an hour in. And that, my friends, is how a married couple with three young children celebrates Valentine’s Day!


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