Creative Storage Solution

Nonna works at Build A Bear. She’s been there for about two years now. Over those two years we have accumulated about 20 large animals and 20 Small Frys. The girls love their stuffed animals but I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put them all. We also have a bunch of other stuffed animals that I had previously stored in a net/shelf thing in the girls’ closet.

Enter a quiet Saturday night and Pinterest. One of my friends had just pinned a site showing a bean bag cover filled with stuffed animals . Once I saw this I went searching the web for affordable bean bag covers. Then I looked to my right and eyed our rarely used bean bag.


I went right to work. It was tough getting all the staticky “beans” out and I made a big mess, but the idea of hiding away a bunch of stuffed animals motivated me to press on. I was so excited that I risked waking the girls up to sneak animals out of their closet.

IMG_7023IMG_7024At first the girls weren’t too fond of the idea of having their animals stored away, but now they don’t seem to mind at all. It makes for a much more comfortable chair and a cleaner closet. It’s also fun because occasionally when you sit down you are greeted with sounds from one or two of the animals that have buttons.

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