Hello 2013!

We had a pretty laid back New Year’s Eve. It started out with me and Abigail going to the grocery store with lots of other people. We had lunch, went for a drive, and then came home to play games and have a mini dance party.

The girls had pizza for dinner. To make things more fun we let them make their own. I pretty much gave them control (though I did control amounts by limiting the toppings). For dessert we made chocolate covered Oreos with red sprinkles.

We put the girls to bed on time and had ordered Chinese takeout for pick up at 8:00. The girls were still awake by then, but it didn’t matter because the food wasn’t ready until after 9:00! I was beginning to wonder if we’d have to wait until 2013 to eat.

Being parents of three, energy-filled young ladies Jonathan and I ended up falling asleep before the ball drop. Don’t worry though, Lily was kind enough to wake us up about 10 minutes before the New Year, so we were able to ring in the new year somewhat awake.

One of the rings I really enjoyed doing was reading memories from the past year throughout our day. Each of us picked a few memories to read during our meals. Most were happy memories, some were sad, and some were from the girls. We plan on keeping up with this new tradition each year. The tough part is stopping and remembering to write the memories down.

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