Our Christmas

Christmas Eve
Our older girls were pretty excited when they learned that Christmas Eve had finally arrived. They were even more excited to get dressed up and head to our church’s Christmas Eve service. I had to keep reminding them though that it wouldn’t happen until it started getting dark outside. The time finally arrived so the girls got all dressed up and we attempted pictures in front of the tree before heading out.


Like many Christmas Eve services, ours involved candles. And, like last year, we let our older two girls hold candles. Last year Sarah couldn’t get enough of blowing out her candle and relighting it with Abigail’s. this year she really wasn’t into holding her candle at all. In fact, she decided shed just go ahead and place her candle on her chair-while it was still lit! Thankfully I was paying close attention and quickly blew that candle out.

We hung out a bit and headed home a good deal after the girls bedtime. Once everyone was asleep the hubby and I got started on our Christmas Eve duties.

Christmas Morning

Lily woke up a bit before 6:00 and woke up her sisters in the process. They were in no way interested in going back to bed. The girls excitedly unstuffed their stockings and unwrapped presents. After a break to eat breakfast the girls were back at playing with their new toys and making a mess. We also were able to Facetime with Jonathan’s parents, brothers, and sister-in-law. Grandma Kapaldo opened her presents so the girls could watch. Technology is pretty awesome.


Christmas Day

After getting ready for the day we headed over to Nonna and Papa’s house to exchange gifts and have dinner. The girls were blessed with more toys and had lots more to play with.


One of my family’s traditions is to draw names and give a homemade gift rather than a purchased gift. We’ve been doing this for a few decades now and it is one of my favorite traditions. Jonathan drew my brother-in-law’s name while I drew my brother’s name. We decided to work together and sew both of them new pajamas. My sister drew my name and painted a really neat box that spins and happens to have some of my favorite pictures of the girls from the past year. My sister-in-law, Dawn, drew Jonathan’s name. It is safe to say that whoever gets a handmade present from Dawn is not disappointed. We actually still don’t know what she made, all we know is that it will take some planning to get it here from New Jersey.


My sister Laura made from-scratch macaroni and cheese as well as a huge lasagna. Mom made a yummy ham. For dessert we had Christmas cookies.

We had another great Christmas and will hold onto the memories we made as time goes by.

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