Gingerbread House Decorating

The girls were quite excited to make a Gingerbread House this year. It ended up being a two day process where we prepped and baked the dough the first day and then constructed and decorated the house the second day.

I ended up using this recipe for the dough and went to Martha Stewart for the template (thanks to Pinterest). The only problem was that the template did not come with a roof, so we had to make our own. The dough was not easy to work with, but with a little patience we managed to make a decent house.

Instead of obsessing over what candy the girls used and where they put the candy I gave them free reign over two sides of the house and half of the roof while I did the rest.

The roof “shingles” were made by rolling out gumdrops with a little sugar to prevent sticking. This was a creative idea my Mom came up with that I decided to use. I love the way it looks!

The girls did a lot of “gluing”, attaching, and licking. It got to the point where Jonathan changed his mind about eating any of the candy on the gingerbread house.IMG_6632IMG_6633IMG_6651IMG_6655IMG_6682IMG_6693IMG_6696IMG_6688

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