A Pinterest Christmas

I had the opportunity to try a number of Christmas pins over the last few weeks. From a paper nativity the girls colored to an advent calendar to help us count down to Christmas, Pinterest has a wealth of creative and fun ideas. I thought I’d highlight a few ornament ideas we tried out this year.

I saw these melted snowman ornaments and couldn’t resist trying them. They are creative, affordable, and easy to make. We made ours with kosher salt, peppercorns, rolled up construction paper and scraps of material for scarves. We made these at our Community Group’s Christmas party.

IMG_6747IMG_6925We also tried glass ornaments with acrylic paint. Ours looked great at first, but over time the paint settled a bit and didn’t totally coat the inside of the ornament. This may have been because (1) I encouraged people to shake the ornament to get the paint distributed (the directions just have you patiently move the ornament until the paint covers every surface) and (2) I didn’t let our ornaments sit upside-down in cups to dry for two days.IMG_6748IMG_6926

I had a lot of glass ornaments, so Abigail helped me make these to serve as “First Christmas Together” ornaments for friends of ours. I cut wedding programs into strips and Abigail helped me wrap the strips around a pencil to curl them. I really like how these turned out.


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