Meeting Mrs. Claus

Our local library hosts a visit from Mrs. Claus every year. We didn’t go last year because Lily was only a month old. Abigail and Sarah were quite excited to see Santa’s better half.

Part of Mrs. Claus’ presentation includes picking out children one by one and dressing them up for a little parade through the library. The girls were so excited to be dressed by Mrs. Claus that they could be heard saying, “Me! Me! Me!” followed by pouting when someone else was picked. Finally they were chosen. Abigail became a Jack in the Box and Sarah was a special angel/fairy whose duty was to make sure Santa’s dolls were polished. Wouldn’t you know it, after all her “Me! Me! Me!”s Sarah was not happy with her important duty. She wanted a wand instead of her rag and doll. We did manage to get her to participate in the parade though.


Special thanks goes to our friend Jennifer, who came with us and took lots of pictures while I lulled Lily to sleep in the baby carrier.

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