I cannot believe it has been almost a month since Thanksgiving. We ended up spending the day at Nonna and Papa’s house. The girls spent most of the day playing while I helped Nonna, Auntie Laura, and Auntie Dawn make the meal. The guys did what most guys do on Thanksgiving-watch football.

The girls had a blast trying out Jenga for the first time. They were both surprisingly gentle when it was their turn.


The weather was beautiful, though a bit chilly. We took advantage and attempted family pictures.


Uncle James and Auntie Dawn made the trip from New Jersey to join us. It was great seeing them again. Can you believe I didn’t get any pictures though?!

I really cannot get enough of celebrating with family around my Grandparents’ dining room table. There is just so much life and laughter going on. The yummy food ends up being the icing on the cake.

Jonathan and I have so much to be thankful for. God has blessed us with three beautiful girls, a place to live, a community to be a part of, and a wonderful family (among a list of many other things).

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